Exterior Painting Specialists

Take Pride in Your Home’s New Appearance
We promise to provide you with the best in customer care and service throughout your time with us.
We are committed to professionalism, outstanding communication and dedication to your exterior home painting project.

The Aurora Painting Process

1. Setting Up the Estimate

We will return all calls within 24 hours of receiving an estimate request, Monday through Friday. During the estimate set up call, we will gather some information on the scope of your project, and arrange a time when we can meet at the prospective job.
All estimates are free, and detailed written proposals are given on the spot.
The customer will also receive a copy of our insurance, the details of our 2 year warranty, and our Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractors License number.

2. Scheduling the Job

After the customer decides they would like to hire Aurora Exterior Painting, we then give a potential start date. There will be ongoing communication between Aurora Exterior Painting and the customer leading up to the start date.

3. Pressure Wash

  • Pressure washing is performed two days to a week prior to the actual start date of the job.
  • Bio-degradable detergent and bleach are used to remove dirt and mildew.
  • More delicate areas will be hand washed where needed.

4. Color Match

  • It is appreciated if colors are chosen prior to the pressure wash. At the latest, colors can be given to the foreman on the day of the pressure wash.
  • Color matching to the current house color can be done upon request.
  • Top quality paints such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are used.
  • The customer can request a different brand if desired as long as it is top quality paint.

5. House Preparation

  • All loose and peeling paint is removed.
  • Drop cloths are used throughout the job to protect the landscape from debris and to collect all paint chips.
  • Scraped areas can be hand sanded, and/or power sanded upon request when contracted.
  • Light carpentry such as, clapboard, fascia, and sill replacement can be performed when contracted.
  • Caulking is done along gaps in the trim and body to help eliminate moisture.
  • Priming is then done to either the entire home or all bare wood areas depending on what was contracted.
  • Other special priming is also done to certain areas that may be more problematic, for example, areas with cedar bleed or rust.
  • Glazing of windows can also be performed to window sash and mullions where needed.

6. Painting

  • Paint is applied with brush and/or roller or sprayed and then back-brushed after all prep work is completed
  • Application is determined by what’s best for the project and customer’s request.
  • During the paint job, drop cloths will be used to protect the landscape from drips and debris.
  • At the end of every day, ladders and other equipment are all neatly stacked and packed away so the job site remains neat and clean at all times.

7. Customer Communication

We like to communicate with the customer daily about what was done during the day and what will be done the next day.
Customer concerns and questions are important to us and will be handled in a professional manner.

8. Final Walk Through

  • After the job is complete the foreman will do a “walk around” to check the job.
  • We will then ask the customer to do a “walk around” with the foreman.
  • A checklist will be made if needed by the customer, then completed by the foreman & crew.
  • After the job is complete and inspected by the customer, we ask the customer to fill out a “customer comment card.”
  • The foreman then collects the final payment.

We promise to provide you with the best in customer care and service throughout your time with us. We are committed to professionalism, outstanding communication, and dedication to your project. We hope you choose Aurora Exterior Painting to complete your painting needs.